Music and mix Guiville @guiville
Vocals and lyrics by Faerytale @faerytale

You’re Different

Thought I was fighting my heart
I was really fighting you
The whispering designs of the past
A lovely tattoo made of scars
I never showed my hands
The ugly wounds, deep
From knives, teeth and heat
But, you’re different
Gotta hold of my soul
You’re different and you won’t let go

Yet, I conquered some
Tore from the animal its head
Broke the snake’s jaw
Twisted ‘til the dragon was dead
After running all these years
I stopped and stood before the idol
I laughed, I winked, I didn’t bow nor did I break
But, you’re different…

This time I would not feign love for plaster and wood
Statues and carvings misunderstood
For gods we are and gods we shall be
I’m content as long as you’re here with me
Because, you’re different…
Gotta hold
The filaments that make up my soul
You’re different

Faerytale AKA Leeser West

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